HAVER ASA® - for automating multiple-spout inline packers

The HAVER ASA® bag applicator is a compact and flexible linear bag applicator for valve-bags. It is the optimum solution for automating your multiple spout inline packing lines. Its speed is approximately 1200 bags/hr.

Use paper or plastic bags

Valve-bags made of paper, polyethylene or polypropylene may be used without problem. A switchover to different bag sizes and formats is possible.

The empty bags are transported precisely and securely to the various stationary spouts by a linear module mounted on the frame of the bag applicator.

Flexible set-up

We match our bag applicators to suit your specific local features! This is made possible by the proven modular design of the HAVER ASA. The supply of empty bags can be placed either left or right of the inline packer. This allows the filling unit to be operated and maintained from the front side unhindered.

Your requested speed determines the empty bag supply system

Depending on the needed storage capacity and the space available, various empty bag supply systems can be used:

  • Empty bag supply conveyor (approx. 200 bags at 30 mm spacing)
  • Bundle magazine cart (up to 300 bags)
  • Empty bag magazine (approx. 550 bags)

The HAVER ASA® bag applicator is used for automating bag application for stationary filling systems.