HAVER Control PPC®

HAVER Control PPC® is the process and production control system from HAVER & BOECKER and is for operating, monitoring and managing production systems. It is based on proven standards such as WINCC, PCS7 and CEMAT from Siemens. We'll adapt these standards to suit your specific wishes and optimise your production processes.

Fundamental functions of the process control system:

  • Operating and monitoring
  • Recording and archiving production data
  • Recording and analysing faults and downtime
  • Maintenance advisories for the individual system components, depending on the number of operating hours and workload
  • Data exchange with the customer’s ERP system

The fundamental functions of the production control system:

  • Generating and managing production orders and articles
  • Distributing order data, e.g. to the packing lines and machines
  • Gathering production data from production
  • Transferring the completed production orders to the customer’s ERP system
  • Data exchange with other applications, e.g. the HAVER Control CEDISS despatch system
  • Generating reports and protocols

The process and production control system is modularly designed and suited to your requirements.

  • High production capacity utilisation
  • More transparency and flexibility for your production processes
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Integration of the ERP levels and the production levels

The HAVER Control PPC® process control system is used to various extents in the cement, mortar and chemicals industries for:

  • Silo plants
  • Packing and loading plants, mixing plants