HAVER Control CEDISS®, the dispatch automation system from HAVER & BOECKER, organizes the traffic of goods in your plant. With the HAVER Control CEDISS®, trucks are identified at the plant entrance, weighed, and registered. Next the trucks are led to the loading location and filled with the appropriate product. The warehouse is managed by the HAVER Control CEDISS® and the trucks are are loaded with palettes by forklifts that are managed by the forklift control system. Before the trucks leave the plant, they are weighed at the exit gate and a delivery note is printed.

Depending on customer requirements, HAVER & BOECKER can deliver a complete dispatch and truck management system comprising the truck scale, weighing system, driver terminals, forklift control system, and data exchange with the customer's ERP system.

By using shipping cards (transponder cards) at the plant entrance, exit, and loading station, shipping without staff is possible.

Basic functions:

  • Organisation of the dispatch of packed and bulk goods
  • Management of dispatch orders
  • Incoming goods and shipping
  • Guiding trucks
  • Loading system in warehouse
  • Recording of shipping activities
  • Generating delivery documents
  • Data exchange with ERP systems
  • Optimisation of the dispatching process
  • Driver self-loading
  • Avoidance of loading errors
  • Reduction of waiting times
  • Documentation of dispatching activities

The HAVER Control CEDISS® despatch automation system is used in various designs in the cement, mortar, and chemicals industries for:

  •     Silo plants
  •     Packing and loading plants