Technical Service

Our experienced team doesn't just offer innovative technology: We have the service and technical maintenance solutions to match.

Regardless of what brand of vibrating screen you use, we can provide a customised screen parts and service package tailored to suit your needs. Our vibrating screen service technicians are as passionate about helping you as they are about the equipment they service. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality service.

Employ our technical team

With experience working on African brands throughout the industry, our team understands all your vibrating screens.

  • Employ the vibrating screen experts to get you operating at your best
  • Use our screen expertise regardless of the vibrating screen brand in your plant

Let us give you the tool

Utilise one of our service technicians with your team as a consultation tool.  

  • Work directly with your vibrating screen manufacturer to meet factory specifications
  • Assurance that your vibrating screen will run at its optimum performance level

Providing you with service and training

Sharing our screen service expertise with you.  

  • Service training directly at your site
  • Training seminars on screening for virtually any vibrating screen