At HAVER SOUTHERN AFRICA, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs across many industries, including mining, cement, building materials, chemicals, food and animal feed.


If your business involves the processing of raw material including gold, iron ore, copper, nickel, bauxite or many other minerals which is often the case in the mining sector, you have found the right partner in HAVER SOUTHERN AFRICA.

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We do not only offer the optimal support for the processing of raw materials to produce cement, but also provide solutions for packing if you are in the business of delivering cement to the end user. We develop solutions in dialogue with our customers.

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Building Materials

If you process building products and minerals such as sand and gravel, dry mortar, fluorite, limestone, lime, gypsum or quartz sand, then HAVER SOUTHERN AFRICA offers optimal support of processing solutions for these products.

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If you are active in the chemical industry and process chemical compounds such as mineral and biological fertiliser, mineral fertiliser, biological fertiliser, PVC powder or titanium oxide or similar products, then HAVER SOUTHERN AFRICA optimally supports the processing of these products.

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Food and Animal Feed

Do you produce foodstuffs or animal feed? Our sister company BEHN+BATES has the right solution for packing them! The company produces and delivers modern packing machines for filling valve and open mouth bags with weight ranging from 1.5 to 1800kg.

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