HAVER RADIMAT® - for automating your rotating high-speed packing machine

The HAVER RADIMAT® bag applicator automates your rotating filling system. High speeds and good applicating quality are achieved without limitations to the downstream filling systems. The HAVER RADIMAT® matches itself up to the rotary speed of the rotating packing machine.

For valve bags made of PE, PP and paper

Glued valve-bags made of polyethylene, polypropylene and paper can be used. Even sewn woven band film bags of lower quality, which are often used in developing countries, can be used with a high application success rate. Switchovers to different bag sizes and types is possible without problems.

Various empty bag standbys are possible

For frequent changes in bag formats, the bundle system with direct feeding from an empty bag magazine is especially suitable. The magazine length can vary between 3 and 10 meters.

For various speed requirements, the RADIMAT® NC and RADIMAT® HC are available.

Empty bag rolls with up to 4000 bags per roll can also be employed. Equipping the unit with a double magazine reduces stoppage times from roll changes. Operating personnel are required to pay only minimum attention.

Various empty bag standbys are possible

The HAVER RADIMAT® bag applicator is used for automating bag application for rotating filling systems.

Here the bag applicators can also operate with machines from other manufacturers, other than the HAVER-ROTO-PACKER®.

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