With the HAVER® BULK DENSITY TESTER, the bulk density of powder-type and granular goods is easily determined. A material sample is taken under prescribed conditions using a specified exact volume and then weighed by the customer.

The loose, bulk density is needed for checking the uniformity of the bulk material's structure. Even the bulk density of poorly flowing, cohesive, clumpy or brittle material is determined by the HAVER® BULK DENSITY TESTER with reproducible results.

The process is according to DIN ISO 697 or ISO 60.

Additional components:

  • Precision scale

Area of application:

For the rapid and simple determination of product-specific data, for example in:

  • Plant laboratories
  • Production
  • Filling technology
  • Logistics
  • University laboratories

This demonstrates our product quality:

  • Rapid and simple determination of bulk density
  • Reproducible results through precise work
  • Chemical resistant wiper – defined position for the measuring cup
  • Convenient size
  • 500 ml measuring cup
  • Maintenance and wear-free operation
  • Easy to clean
  • System can be dismantled without tools

Here you can download a collection of information material.