With the HAVER AIRFLOW TESTER®, you can determine the air permeability and air escape capability of the entire bag, including all paper and plastic layers, and glued areas.

The data provide important information for filling behaviour. By considering all bag components, especially glued areas, a complete assessment is possible. Different batches, bag changes and contamination can be determined and allow the best bag choice to be checked.

Additional components:

  • Five different filling spouts for bag valve widths of 75 – 220 mm
  • (75 – 90, 90 – 120, 110 – 140, 135 – 170 and 170 – 220 mm)
  • HAVER® calibration unit
  • Manometer readjustment
  • Check of internal leakage
  • Check of the three air flow meters

Areas of application:

  • Bag manufacturing
  • Filling technology
  • Transport and logistics

This demonstrates our product quality:

  • Optimising bag manufacture by determining relevant parameters
  • Determining the optimum machine speed by careful valve-bag selection
  • Exact results through three different, individual switchable air flow meters
  • Filling spouts with inflatable sleeves for securely sealing the bag valve
  • Various, easy-to-exchange filling spouts for different bag valves (one spout included with the machine, additional spouts available for purchase)
  • Checks conformity to specifications
  • Easy to operate after a short instruction session
  • Operation without wear
  • Closed system
  • Mobile, on castors
  • Little maintenance required
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Saves energy, only air supply connection is needed

Here you can download a collection of information material.