The NIAGARA® M-Class constitutes the optimum solution when many cut points in the fine and very fine range are required and, in addition to that, most accurate cuts are of decisive importance.

There are various fields of application that exist for the linear motion swinger. To be precise, the screening system can be employed for the classification of industrial minerals, food, chemical products, ores and metals.

The dynamic loads of the machine are reduced to a minimum by an isolating frame. As a result the vibrations transferred into the structure can be prevented. Depending on the required application, the exact adjustable rotation speed and amplitude ensures an optimum screening result.
Accelerations are possible between 2 g for the production of abrasive materials - or up to 4,5 g for the dry mortar or silica sand industry.
The multiple-deck screening machine NIAGARA® M-Class is offered in eight different sizes, the number of decks and technical specifications depends on the application. A substantial advantage of this screening system is the highly accurate cut-size achieved during the screening process.  

To optimize the layout of the machine according to the respective task at hand, a multiple-deck screening machine is available at the HaVER & BOECKER R&D Center. This guarantees that each customer’s machine requirements are fully met.

2 machine sizes

Technical dates

  • Cut sizes: 80 to 8.000 μm
  • Feed capacity: up to 50 t/h
  • Feed size: up to 10 mm Machine size: two machine sizes, as a standard feature equipped with up to 11 screen decks
  • Installed power: 15 to 30 kW/h
  • Screen deck based on a modular design: screen deck frame with foam seal, for laterally tensioned screen cloth
  • Various drive systems: HAVER-double shaft drive (oil or grease), Unbalance motors, Exciters

Your benefit

  • Precise cut sizes and many options for material separation, standardly designed for up to 11 product fractions
  • Compact design with a total screening surface of up to 58m²
  • Dynamically balanced to minimize vibrations transferred into the structure
  • The screening system is designed with respect to environment: dust-proof casing
  • side tensioning: no second set of screening frames necessary; no additional costs for tensioning service; fast, uncomplicated and partial screen cloth exchange