HAVER & BOECKER exciters combine years of experience in engineering high performance vibrating screens manufactured to properly set the required stroke, frequency and exact static moment for each application, resulting in improved screening performance.
Our experienced team doesn’t just offer innovative technology, we have the service and maintenance solutions to match.


  • Robust engineering
  • Design that ensures greater bearing life through a specific lubricant and optimised sealing system
  • Minimum maintenance requirements, allowing higher rates of availability and increased production
  • Adjustable static moment through variable inserts configurations enable fine tuning of the amplitude
  • Operational safety is guaranteed through correct sizing of all components
  • Global availability of stock with short delivery times
  • Worldwide assistance through the global HAVER & BOECKER Service network


Bearings and Lubricants

Dedicated spherical roller bearings, particularly designed for vibrating equipment applications, provide increased service life, resulting in greater machine availability and production increase.
The optimal combination of oil and grease in each exciter model - according to the application - results in lower operating temperature, which prolongs the service life of the bearings.

Labyrinth and Seals

HAVER & BOECKER, in partnership with a premium bearings, seals and lubricants manufacturer, developed a seal system that features an oil deflector and mechanical labyrinth, in combination with specific O-rings and V-rings to resist the vibration. This prevents contamination and oil leakage, ensuring optimal labyrinth performance.

Method and Analysis Tools

The exciter components, such as shafts, housing and counterweights, were designed using analytical calculation and finite element analysis with MSC FEA software based on the AGMA, ISO, DIN and BS standards. Through these calculations and simulations, components were accurately measured to assure equipment reliability.


HAVER Exciter models with maximum and minimum static moment of each model.