Loading Systems

Whether it is the handling of bags or Big Bags filled with loose product or liquids filled into containers – HAVER & BOECKER offers the right loading system.

Fully automatic loading systems


This fully automatic loading system allows direct loading of palletized bagged goods onto open trucks and trailers. The bag layer pattern can be determined by previous settings – depending on whether they are placed on pre-positioned pallets or directly loaded on the truck.

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The HAVER SpeedFlexx® is a fully automatic, high-speed direct truck-loading system. It allows direct loading of open trucks and trailers with containers both on pallets and without pallets. The SpeedFlexx® offers particularly high efficiency and flexibility.

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Bulk loading

In addition to systems for filling free-flowing bulk products into valve or open bags, we also offer technical solutions for filling your products into tanker trucks. A support frame with telescopic loading pipe equipped with a HAVER high-performance net weigher goes to work.

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