Discharge line – the transition between palletising and loading

The filled-bag discharge line represents the end of the packing machine and the transition between palletising and loading.

An adjustable discharge belt, which can be used for all standard bag sizes, transports the filled bags away from the packing machine. Next the bags are aligned on the bag aligning belt.

Really neat

Here the bags are cleaned on all sides by blowing air. As a result you get filled bags that are perfectly prepared for further transport and handling. The air is siphoned away continuously in order to keep the discharge line from getting overly dusty.

The weight test: good, or sorted out

At the check-weigher you define the maximum deviation of the filled bag weight. Should a bag not meet the specification, a diverter flap or another conveyor discards it. Next a cutting drum destroys the non-conforming bag and the product is caught and separated from the bag remnants and then reintroduced into the product process. As an alternative the non-conforming bag can also be simply declared as a faulty-weight product – as to your wishes!

Supplementary features

By using various monitoring and checking functions, faults are detected immediately and thus can be promptly removed. The bags are sensed by photocells or by paddles in order to avoid a bag pile-up. A rotary speed monitoring unit also reports if a belt conveyor has stopped. This minimizes downtime and assures the highest levels of smooth operation.