HAVER ADAMS® for powder-type products

Stationary and rotating systems for different speed requirements

Clean, well shut and compact. That's how powder-type products are packed into PE bags using the HAVER ADAMS® FFS technology. Depending on the speed requirements and product properties, such as bulk density, flow and compaction characteristics, two systems can be considered:

  • HAVER ADAMS 1 is a stationary system with one filling spout,
  • HAVER ADAMS 2 - 12 is a rotating high-speed system with 2 to 12 filling spouts.

Rotating system for the highest speeds

The HAVER ADAMS® 2 - 12 is the latest machine variant. This machine represents the combination of years of experience with the HAVER ROTO-PACKER® and expertise in FFS technology. High speeds of 2000 bags/hr can be reached.

"PE Bags will become the standard"

Interview with Burkhard Reploh and Robert Brüggemann

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(Source: ZKG Drymix Special 2-2014, www.zkg.de)

Clean, tight and compact

Dust-free filling, sealed filling spouts, and an exhaust inside the packer assure cleanliness during the packing process.

Your product will be optimally protected against moisture inside securely welded PE-bags. This multiplies storage time inside and outside.

Weatherproof and durable – the new HAVER ADAMS®

It all started with a customer’s request to pack his cement into tight, water-resistant PE bags – a challenge that HAVER & BOECKER, specialist for packaging and processing technology, was more than happy to accept. The result is a form-fill-seal system named HAVER ADAMS®. Since its market introduction, the FFS packaging system has been continuously optimized to enter an array of new application areas.

While the system initially only packed powder-type products, micro-granulates and powders into PE bags, the new generation is also able to gently fill products with challenging flow properties. Almost 60 systems have already been installed in different branches all over the globe. The new HAVER ADAMS® is set to make its mark in the building materials and minerals industry.

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