Bag handling – reliable transport of your bagged goods

Under bag handling we understand it as the path of the package from the packing machine to the palletiser and on to the cargo vehicle. The filled bag discharge line is the conclusion of the packing machine. You end up with filled, clean bags that have a precise weight and which are perfectly prepared for further transport.

With HAVER palletisers made by NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING we round out our bag handling product range. We offer palletising lines for agricultural foodstuffs, building products and chemical compounds.

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Transport systems for products in bulk packaging

HAVER & BOECKER offers various possibilities tor reliable and rapid transport of packed goods. For large package units such as IBCs, forklift trucks or high speed pallet transport systems are possible. These transport systems are matched to the filling system and equipped with roller conveyor systems and pallet separators. We would be glad to advise you further!

Truck, ship and railcar loading for small-size packages

Whether transport is by truck, ship or railcar, we can load your filled bags onto the cargo carrier. We offer a variety of loading systems, depending on the market needs. They include:

  • Loading conveyors
  • Machines in multiple sequences and three-dimensionally adjustable designs for the loading of rail cars and wagons
  • Stationary and mobile machines for loading trucks from the side or rear, as well as loading from above.

We offer a fully automatic system that is especially for transport by truck or trailer: the HAVER SpeedFlexx®.

HAVER SpeedFlexx®

The HAVER SpeedFlexx® allows the automatic loading of palletised bagged goods onto open flatbed trucks and trailers.

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