The SpeedRoad – automated loading of bags onto the cargo bed

The SpeedRoad by HAVER & BOECKER is a compact, efficient, economical and automated system that loads in-layers-arranged bags directly onto trucks – with or without pallets. Since its recent market introduction, customers have already come to appreciate the system’s considerable advantages: high speed, high operational availability and easy maintenance.

The SpeedRoadfeeds the bags coming from the packing machine’s belt conveyor into the machine to form a stacking layer that gets loaded directly onto the truck cargo bed. This results in perfect bag layers. With a speed of up to 3000 bags per hour, it is suitable for a variety of trucks and almost every type of bag. It offers selectable loading patterns. It is also possible to load pre-positioned empty bags onto the truck.

The automated bag handling system is easy to install and makes a powerful impression with itsrugged and reliable design. It consists of an electromechanical system and has neither hydraulics nor pneumatics. Its minimal installation height is especially advantageous in the event of plant modernizations and conversions. A user-friendly touch-panel control unit and optional remote controller with camera monitoring simplify operation of the loading system, which can be easily and quickly maintained due to itseasy accessibility.

The customer benefits from reduced loading and waiting times, higher loading capacities, greater operator safety, and less reliance on personnel. Other arguments for theSpeedRoad by HAVER & BOECKER are greater energy efficiency and higher flexibility. A special feature of the improved development is the loading system’s ease of maintenance,which leads toreduced down and stoppage times.