Specialty Screen Media

At HAVER SOUTHERN AFRICA, we can adapt our speciality screen media to best suit your application and requirements. We offer a full range of speciality screening surfaces for virtually any application focusing on sizing accuracy, long wear life and achieving the highest production possible, all with your budget in mind. Our team works with you to build profit with your screening media.

Grizzly Bars

Grizzly Bars are usually located in the primary screen and used in heavy-duty applications to remove unwanted materials. Grizzly Bars are manufactured using two of the most common steel types: cast manganese and alloyed steel.

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Finger Decks

Finger Decks offer self-cleaning action. They are the ideal solution for wet, sticky and scalping applications.

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Profile Wire

Profile Wire, commonly known as Wedge Wire, allows for a level of precision and efficiency not found in other screening systems. The wedge shape of the Profile Wire provides an increasingly large opening for material to flow between the wires. This design enhances efficiency by substantially reducing blinding and pegging.

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Pre-Tensioned Frames

Pre-Tensioned Frames are utilised for fine particle separation in dry and wet screening. Optimum tension of screens is essential for both the service life and the capacity of the machine.

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