The Pro-Deck is a consultative approach used to optimise the vibrating screen by applying the most effective screen media to each phase of screening. The customised vibrating screen solutions, which blend screen media types on the same deck, ensure the longest product life and reduce downtime, while maximising profit.

A professional analysis will determine the right combination of open area and wear life appropriate for each of the three phases of screening.

Determining the ideal blended screen media solution, however, requires much more than trial and error. It requires a trained vibrating screen professional to delve into the numerous intricacies that impact the bottom line. One of our professionals specialising in optimising screen media generally follows five integral process steps, which can be applied to each deck using tensioned screen sections or modular screen panels.

Step 1: Vibration Analysis
A certified technician utilises our signature wireless vibration analysis system to monitor and analyse speed, stroke and overall performance of any vibrating screen.

Step 2: Machine Inspection

Includes an inspection of key components, examination of interference or loose components, bearing temperature analysis, feed material analysis and screen media inspection.

Step 3: Screen Media Audit

We combine historical screen media usage data with an onsite discussion and examination of our professional analysis to audit your current screen media, and create an action plan for success.

Step 4: Screen Media Recommendation

Our Pro-Deck technician combines the results of the analysis, inspection and screen media audit to recommend specific types of screen media that work best for your unique situation.

Step 5: Screen Media Implementation

Screen media is changed one section at a time, with results measured and recorded in between every change. The process continues until all recommendations are implemented and the results are positive.

When the material hits the screen deck it goes through three phases from the feed to discharge points. These phases are:


Typically appears at the feed end and contains a mix of coarse and fine particles, with a deep bed depth. In this phase, media should be impact-resistant and have a high wear life.


Occurs in the middle of the deck where the particles are stratifying and near size and oversize particles are at the top of the bed. In this phase, the media should have a balance of open area and wear life.


Taking place at the discharge end, near size and oversize particles are in direct contact with the media. This phase is critical and screen media should have maximum open area.


When screening is finished early, it is completed within the first third of the deck and under size particles have passed the media openings.

Losing out on the maximum potential of the screen media.

Pro-Deck Solution:
Your Pro-Deck specialist will focus on a screen media blend that improves the overall wear life of your screen deck and maximises the screening surface. You may see a slight reduction open area, but the opening will remain the same and the extended wear life will increase your up-time, production rates and profits.


When screening is finished early, it is completed within the first third of the deck and under size particles have passed the media openings.

Carry over and contaminated material.

Pro-Deck Solution:
In this situation, your Pro-Deck specialist will look at maintaining the opening while increasing your open area. We will consult you in choosing the right screen media blend that will increase the number of openings where necessary without sacrificing the overall wear life of the deck. Your product quality will increase without affecting your overall operating expenses.


Most screening is complete approximately two-thirds of the way down the deck. Near size particles utilise the last one-third of the deck to find an opening.

Even though the full deck is being used, the potential of your screen media is not being maximised.

Pro-Deck Solution:
While the quality of your final product might meet the specification, you may still be able to further optimise your screen media. Your Pro-Deck specialist will consult you on a screen media blend to add wear life at the feed end while increasing open area where it is most critical at the discharge end. Your screen will operate longer without interruptions, allowing you to make your product within specifications at a higher profit.