Modular Panels

At HAVER SOUTHERN AFRICA, we offer a full range of screening surfaces for virtually any application focusing on sizing accuracy; long wear life and achieving the highest production possible, all with your budget in mind. The modularpanel’s screen media have four different fastening systems – the TS with a snap-in design, PS with a pin and sleeve design, TG with a tongue and groove design and BD with a bolt-down design. Our modular panels screen media team works with you to build profit with your screen media.


Ty-Dura panels feature a rubber-screening surface that stands up to the most rugged screening applications.

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Ty-Wire panels combine long wear life of polyurethane with the increased open area of woven wire cloth in a modular installation.

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Ty-Plate bolt-down design panels are built with wear resistant steel alloys, and feature a bolt-down design that lowers the risk of blinding and pegging.

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Tyrethane panels are manufactured using a special formulation of polyurethane to guarantee optimum screening and longer wear life.

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