HAVER miniseal® - packing system for small packages ranging from 2 to 5 kg

The HAVER miniseal®, our mini plug-and-pack system, is a fully automatic packing system for filling loose, bulk products in small packages ranging from 2 to 5 kg.

With this packing machine, the valve-bag applicator, filling system, valve closing unit, control unit and the discharge belt conveyor are all enclosed inside a dust-tight housing. The compact design allows installation in tight places in your packing plant.

The completely pre-assembled and tested filling unit only needs to be connected to your product and energy supply lines. This saves valuable installation time.

Depending on your requirements for speed, you'll receive a HAVER miniseal® with 1 to 4 filling spouts. Bag handling is fully automatic. Speeds of up to 1200 bags/hr are possible, depending on the product properties and flow characteristics. Changeovers from 2 to 5-kg bags and to other product types are done with ease.

Your product determines the system

We select the appropriate filling system to suit your product: air or turbine. The filling unit is also matched to suit the product. We gladly deliver the miniseal-packing system in the stainless steel version for filling "aggressive" materials.

Your advantages:

  • Completely pre-assembled and tested packing machine
  • Short start-up times on site
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Clean filling process
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced dust and noise emissions

The fully automatic HAVER miniseal® packing machine is ideal for filling loose, bulk materials in the cement, building products, building minerals, chemicals and foodstuffs industries.

Example products that can be packed with the valve-bag system:

  • Gypsum
  • Building chemical products
  • Mortar products
  • Cocoa
  • Starch
  • Foodstuffs

Here you can download a collection of information material.