HAVER TOPLINE® 300 for filling powder and flour products

Complete bag processing - from automatic application, to filling, compacting and closing – is done inside a compact, dust-tight housing.

Product examples:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Starches and derivates
  • Flour and baking ingredients

The TOPLINE® 300 works according to the bulk filling principle and is equipped with a dust-tight powder spout.


  • Up to 300 bags/hr
  • High level of cleanliness via proper product dosing and filling inside a dust-tight machine housing
  • Exact weights due to separate coarse and fine flow dosing
  • Optimum filled bag shapes thanks to good product compaction via bag vibrator and optional air suction tube
  • High level of product protection from project-specific, selectable bag closures
  • Powerful advertising effect with bag materials that enable high quality printing, e.g. glossy print

Here you can download a collection of information material