With the HAVER® TRICKLE TESTER, a bulk material's capability to trickle can be optimally determined. The time it takes for the material to flow though a hopper is measured.

Depending on the product properties, various hoppers with different diameters may be used. The quality of a product can be checked using this approach, thus allowing detection of deviations.

Differences between fresh and stored products, batch changes, different treatments, coatings or material admixtures can be qualified. Moreover, demixing effects can be determined.

Additional components:

  • Automatic monitoring and recording of measurement results with a PC
  • Stop-watch with PC interface, including software

Areas of application:

For products that can trickle and need to be precisely monitored regularly, and for flow into a process. For example:

  • Production
  • Silo systems
  • Filling systems
  • Transport and logistics

This demonstrates our product quality:

  • Analyses of product properties that are essential in the production process
  • Wide range of application thanks to a set of hoppers
  • Product classification using hopper size
  • Robust results with respect to possible filling speeds
  • Transportable, can be used at various locations
  • Ergonomic transport provided by handgrip recess
  • Power outlet is all it needs
  • Easy to use: display and operating elements are in a single housing and logically arranged

Here you can download a collection of information material.