With the HAVER BIG GURLEY®, the air permeability of packaging material is measured and evaluated.

During the manufacture of bags, a constant check of the material is important. Here, special information about the porosity and air escape properties of the bag's material is essential.

By feeding the bulk material into the measurement chamber, changes in air escape capability of the product-laced bag material can be determined in addition.

Additional components:

  • Automatic monitoring and recording of measurement results with a PC
  • Mobile base
  • PC interface including software

Areas of application:

  • Bag manufacturing
  • Filling systems
  • Transport and logistics

This demonstrates our product quality:

  • Optimising packaging with respect to paper, plastic, lining and de-aeration fleece
  • Modern measurement system for testing single or multiple layers simultaneously
  • Very precise, uniform air pressure - also with large air amounts
  • Air escape properties measurable with or without bulk material influence
  • Ventilation of measurement chamber through a standard wire screen
  • Supports and shortens the development of new packaging materials
  • Operator-friendly
  • Optimally arranged operating elements and displays
  • Digital display of the measurement reading (m³/hr)
  • Easy check of the digital display's accuracy
  • Ventilation flap, designed for a specific air consumption
  • Check for internal leaks
  • Blind cover
  • Different measurement ranges possible: 150 cm³ and 300 cm³

Here you can download a collection of information material.