HAVER FFS for granular products

For filling pelletised and granulatar products into plastic bags, the proven stationary HAVER FFS systems are the ideal choice. They fulfil your requirements for profitability, product protection and long storage time capability.

Your product and your requirements for speed determine which FFS system to use. Depending on the properties and flow characteristics of your product, and taking your requirements for the packing machine speed into consideration, a variety of FFS models come into play:

  • HAVER FFS 600 for chunky bulk materials (up to 600 bags/hr)
  • HAVER FFS 1000 for fine grain bulk materials (up to 1000 bags/hr)
  • HAVER FFS 2000 for mass bulk materials (up to 2000 bags/hr)
  • HAVER FFS 2500 for mass bulk materials (up to 2400 bags/hr)

In our Research & Development Center, we test your products and we find the right FFS system for assuring environmentally friendly, energy-saving and economical packing.

Flexible when it comes to bag weights, lengths, widths and film types

Bags from 5 to 50 kg can be filled. Bag lengths of 350 to 950 mm and bag widths of 350 to 420 mm can be used variably.

HAVER FFS systems are designed to work with single and multiple layer, plain or printed, continuous side-gusset/woven band film made of polyethylene or polypropylene (80 to 250 µm thick).

Through minimal weld overhang, material and costs are saved.

Various components for special requirements

For optimising machine performance or the end-product itself, you can choose from the following components:

  • Corner-welding for box-shaped bags
  • Gross or net weighing
  • Vacuum air-removal using a vacuum lance, vibrating lance or vibrating plate
  • Cleaning station
  • HAVER high performance net weigher for reaching the optimum filling time, combined with discharge dosing
  • MEC® weigher electronics with touchscreen for high weight accuracy
  • Systems available in modular design, mobile
  • HAVER Reel Changer, double or triple reel changer, allows for product variety and reduced set-up times


    • 2400 bags/hr, 25 kg
    • 1650 bags/hr, 50 kg

    Clean, tightly sealed and compact

    Dust-free filling, sealed filling spouts and an exhaust inside the packer provide for cleanliness during the packing process. Your product is optimally protected against moisture inside securely welded shut PE bags. This is how the storage time capability inside or outside is multiplied.

    Here you can download a collection of information material: