The HAVER DPS® Data Processing System is a program for the recording, display and statistical evaluation of weighing data. These data are read by weighing electronics, such as the HAVER MEC III or the check weigher conveyor, and stored using modern database systems.

Recorded are:

  • Line number
  • Weigher and sort number
  • Actual/specified and tare weight
  • Over-weights and under-weights
  • Sort changes
  • Error messages


  • Dumping weight
  • Sort changes and classification limits
  • Batch changes
  • Error messages
  • Warning function when the database exceeds a certain size

Production overview:

  • Display of recorded weight data
  • Data extent can be tailored to suit user needs

Generating reports:

  • Machine reports for the comprehensive assessment of the entire production
  • Single weight reports for illustrating each individual product
  • Mean weight and standard deviation for single weight and machine reports
  • Error reports on error status to the connected machines
  • Extensive adjustment possibilities for reports; data amounts are packaged in easy-to understand packages
  • Regular generation of preferred report types: daily, weekly, monthly or annually

Export and Import

  • Export of data from databanks in XML format for further processing with other software, e.g. Excel
  • Data that had been exported earlier, and thus deleted from the databanks, can be once again re-input in order to generate new reports


  • Ethernet for MEC III, WIPOTEC or Sartorius check weighers; here there is no limit on the number of packing lines
  • RS 232 / TTY (20mA) for MEC III, MEC II-20, EWK 439, EWK2000, EWK2000+, EWK3000 and WIPOTEC check weighers
  • Only the hardware limits the number of packing lines

The HAVER Data Processing System DPS® is used for the recording, display and statistical evaluation of weigher data from the HAVER packing machines.