The SpeedFlexx® – fully automated loading of in-layers-arranged bags, canisters, pails, drums, Big Bags and IBCs, with or without pallets

The high performance SpeedFlexx® truck direct-loader from HAVER & BOECKER loads a variety of package types, with or without pallets, directly onto open trucks and trailers. It impresses with its speed of up to 260 tons or 4500 bags per hour, which can be reached through itshighly efficient loading cycleand operation in a second lane without long waiting times. Handled are in-layers-arrangedbags, canisters, pails, drums, Big Bags and IBCs,with or without pallets.

The fully automatic loading cycle starts with the scanning of the truck cargo bed. Using an optical analysis system a 3D image is generated, which in turn assures the cargo bed is free and the truck is ready for loading. During loading open trucks are sequentially fed with bag stacks in two lanes. This is performed by a moving bridge installed over the truck. Once the loading process is done for the first truck, a lane change by the SpeedFlexx®takes place in just a matter of seconds and the new, parallel-positioned truck is loaded. High loading speeds are continuously reached during peak times.

In times of moderate truck traffic, the adjacent stock area is filled. This means the packing and palletizing system is always in operation and in this way assures optimum installed capacity utilization. Moreover there also is the possibility of loading trucks with the SpeedFlexx®from the filled stock area in times of production bottlenecks.