Wear protection systems

Unlike other wear protection systems that require custom construction solutions, extra labour and higher costs, the HAVER-Snap-Guard® is standardised and is designed to fit the HAVER mounting rail system. The HAVER-Snap-Guard® is simply snapped on or clamped in place, and can be fitted or removed by hand without the need for any tools. The components are made of moulded Polyurethane parts, which are used to cover the threaded rods on the mounting rail clamps and exposed crossbeam sections. The mounting rail system allows for single or multiple screening media setups on a single deck.

Advantages of the Snap-Guard:

  • Pro-Deck
  • Improved wear protection
  • Minimised maintenance time
  • Simple, fitting and removal without tools
  • Can be used for all HAVER mounting rail systems
  • Standardised design
  • Protects against abrasion from feed materials