Five new innovations for washing aggregate

Price volatility. Increasing costs. Water restrictions. With odds like these, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to for miners to get the most profits from their mining operations. Thanks to new washing technology, the impact of these stressors on your bottom line can be minimised.

Here are five key washing system innovations to consider when upgrading your equipment.

1. Power-saving designs: Lessen your plant’s energy intake with high-pressure aggregate washing designs. This new technology uses up to 15 percent less power than log washers.

2. Water conservation: Decrease your water consumption by upgrading your washing technology. The log washer design uses as much as 3,000 litres per minute in a washing cycle. High-pressure aggregate washing systems trim that down to 100 litres per minute and allow you to reuse as much as 90 percent of the water from each cycle.

3. Maintenance and upkeep: Saving time is saving money, and choosing a unit that requires little maintenance does both. While older washing systems need regular service and parts replacement, such as bearings, belts and paddles, new aggregate washing machines require minimal maintenance. Plus, the machines feature sensors that will stop operation when there is no longer material in the drum, resulting in less wear to your machine.

4. Smaller footprints: High-pressure aggregate washing machines weigh as much as 60 percent less than log washers and take up significantly less room despite the higher capacities. That makes new machines easy to fit into your operation.

5. Rapid processing times: Do more faster with new machines that process as much as 360 tonnes per hour. Plus, you’ll remove silt and clay particles as small as 63 microns, salvaging what may have previously been waste. That means more money faster.

Check out this new technology in action of Haver & Boecker’s Hydro-Clean. Feasibility testing of your materials is available at our Malaga test facility. Contact us for more information.