A fast, risk free opportunity to test the benefits of the Hydro-Clean

HAVER & BOECKER’s Hydro-Clean test facility in Malaga offers mining and aggregate companies a fast, risk-free opportunity to trial the washing of challenging minerals and aggregates.

The Hydro-Clean is a highly efficient washing technology for mineral processing operations that uses high-pressure jets to effectively clean deleterious material from aggregate, mining and other minerals. The results produce cleaner products, higher selling values and profits from material that was previously considered waste.

Customers begin the testing process by sending a sample of material to be tested on a laboratory Hydro-Clean unit. The test determines the percentage of particles minus 200 mesh, which allows HAVER & BOECKER to identify the amount of clay in the material to conclude whether the material can be successfully cleaned in the Hydro-Clean. After confirmation, HAVER & BOECKER sends a Hydro-Clean test kit for the customer to fill with about 1.5 tonnes of material to be tested at the Hydro-Clean test facility.

From there, customers choose to have a mobile unit visit their operation or to send their material in to the testing facility. The mobile unit is mounted on a chassis for easy transportation to operations.

"The Hydro-Clean mobile test facility provides ultimate convenience by allowing us to go directly to the customer’s operation and give them a visual of how it will fit in," said Steffen Silge, deputy general manager at Haver & Boecker Australia.

"Beyond the convenience of mobility, the testing allows us to show customers the amount of sellable material they’ll achieve by using the Hydro-Clean, all while reducing water and energy expenses."

Contact the HAVER & BOECKER team today to learn more about the Hydro-Clean test facility.